Welcome to fister! This marketing design agency has been in service for 26 years. Browse our site. Review our work. Meet our team. Then contact us. This could be the start of something really good.

Once upon a time (26 years ago), Amy Fister co-founded a marketing design agency. From the beginning, there has been a collaboration of marketing and design to intentionally shape perception among the target audiences. And this remains an expertise still today, for both internal stakeholders and external consumers who ultimately have the last word.

We would be remiss to not mention quality. It's an overused word, so let us give you our take. We put 100% effort into every project (tiny to huge, and everything in between) because it's the right thing to do. And we believe our work reflects this. It's our livelihood to influence perception. Make our clients look fabulous. Persuade audiences. Move mountains, err, that might be a little too far.

One other note. When we say yes, we mean it. We only commit to projects that we can deliver, on time and on budget. Our clients have our word.

And the best part? While we take our work very seriously, and we do, we love a good laugh. It might be another secret to our working model. And if not, it sure makes every day a little sweeter.



Our work is dependent upon the 20+ years of expertise that each of us brings to the table, every day. This includes marketing and management, design, production and finance that result in the following capabilities:

>Brand identity  >Strategic infographics  >Print collateral  >Trade show displays  >Video animations  >Website development

Please review our portfolio for a variety of our work samples, which illustrate the workmanship and quality we devote to every project. And while our work is very visual, there are many intangible skills that are worth sharing. For example, we are ridiculous about consistency. We love to create brands, identities and guidelines and expect the guidelines to be followed (by the client and all vendors) to ensure the integrity of the brand.

In addition, as most service agencies boast about good service, we can, too. Except that we believe we take it one step further. We are attentive to our client's every need. To us, this means that we listen completely. Work collectively. Respond creatively. Deliver consistently. And interact respectfully.

The bottom line is that our commitment to quality, combined with our experience, yields success for our clients. We are proud of our work and look forward to adding you to our portfolio!

Here is the scoop. Amy Fister has been part of fister, Inc. since its inception 26 years ago. Once known as Fister Lauberth, this agency has always focused on marketing (strategic) design. True, there have been more of us throughout the years, but the current model of four works amazingly well. Perhaps this is attributed to the experience of each employee. Or it could be that we are a lean machine, with our extended network of resources in place and ready to go.

Amy Fister


Amy has dedicated 26 years to this agency, not only as owner, but also with a pulse on all of our creative. She embraces any creative challenge, particularly those with a “white canvas.” That being said, Amy also has the gift for balancing fresh design within the confines of brand standards and guidelines, resulting in fantastic work for our clients. Similarly, she effortlessly adjusts between her role as leader and designer.

FAVORITE JOKE: Why did the forgetful chicken cross the road? 
To get to the other side -- er, no -- to go shopping -- no, not that either -- damn it.

Kristen Templin

Kristen Templin VICE PRESIDENT

Once a fister client (while working at the Missouri Society of CPAs), Kristen celebrates 14 years as a marketing manager. She contributes to the strategic process for brand development, writes and edits at every opportunity and enjoys her daily interactions with clients.

FAVORITE JOKE: What do you call a computer floating in the ocean? 
A Dell Rolling in the Deep

Teresa Conner

Teresa Conner Production coordinator

Boasting 15 years with fister, Teresa is instrumental in managing the details of every project, from layout to edits to final files. She is a stickler for consistency and prides herself on making sure vendors have impeccable files from us. Honestly, it’s a huge relief to know that the final product, as much as we can control, will deliver as expected.

FAVORITE JOKE: Why do eels live in salt water?
Because pepper water would make them sneeze!

Lynn LaChance

Lynn LaChance managing director

Lynn keeps this office running. Her 16 years at fister elevates her status to expert with the finances - cash flow, billing, etc. Its all of the stuff that the rest of the team avoids. And when she’s not crunching numbers, she makes sure we have all of the supplies we need. Sharpies. Folders. Coffee. We would be lost without her, for sure.

FAVORITE JOKE: I told the kids I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. So they unplugged my computer and threw out my wine.

Our Fifth Team Member

Our 5th Team Member

We recognize that there are only four of us here at the office, which is why we have partnered with like-minded firms and individuals, including interactive agencies, web developers, copywriters, audio engineers and printers. We expect our extended team to support our clients and their projects with the same stellar quality and professionalism that we offer. It’s a model that works.

FAVORITE JOKE: What do you call a bee that lives in America? 

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