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Our roots date back to 1988 when Amy Fister co-founded the agency—then known as Fister Lauberth. From the beginning, there has been a collaboration of marketing and creative to move business forward for our clients, by design. And this remains our promise still today (35 years later and under the name of fister).


We design to meet the intended objective and align with brand standards—whether we create those standards from scratch or they come from you. It also looks fantastic. We provide one primary contact and respond promptly, both with communication and with the work itself. The bottom line is that we are attentive to our client’s every need. And if for some reason we can't, we let you know that too!


All of this leads to happy clients. Loyal clients. And genuine relationships.

How can we do it with five people? Fair question. Our model is to utilize our expertise in graphic design and partner with like-minded firms for their sweet spot craft. It works. No, it works remarkably well.


Amy has dedicated 35 years to this agency, not only as owner, but also with a pulse on all of our creative. She embraces any creative challenge, particularly those with a “white canvas.” That being said, Amy also has the gift for balancing fresh design within the confines of brand standards and guidelines, resulting in exceptional work for our clients. Similarly, she effortlessly adjusts between her role as leader and designer.

Amy Fister graphic design, brand design, creative agency


Once a fister client, Kristen celebrates 23 years on the service side. She is the primary contact and initiates the attentive chain which follows suit with everyone on the team. Kristen contributes to the strategic process for brand development, writes and edits at every opportunity and enjoys her daily interactions with clients.

Kristen Templin graphic design, brand design, creative agency
Lisa Fister graphic design, brand design, creative agency



Lisa’s 25+ years of experience in the design biz (six at fister) shines in every project. She solves problems using a mixture of creativity and practicality. Lisa loves the happy twinkle clients get in their eyes when she’s turned their vision into reality. And yes, she is Amy’s sister-in-law.

Teresa Conner graphic design, brand design, creative agency



Boasting 24 years with fister, Teresa is instrumental in managing the details of every project, from layout to edits to final files. She is a stickler for consistency and prides herself on making sure clients and vendors have impeccable files from us. Honestly, it’s a huge relief to know that the final product, as much as we can control, will deliver as expected.


Lynn keeps this office running. Her 25 years at fister elevates her status to expert with the finances - cash flow, billing, etc. It’s all of the stuff that the rest of the team avoids. And when she’s not crunching numbers, she makes sure we have all of the supplies we need. Sharpies. Folders. Coffee. We would be lost without her, for sure.

Lynn LaChance
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