Motion Graphic Design

Fister, Inc. has been in the business of great design for 25 years. Over that time we've seen a lot of trends and techniques come and go but none have been quite as exciting as the evolution of motion graphic design. Certainly, motion graphic design is nothing new but over the past several years, exciting new innovations in technology have made ideas that once seemed impossible or entirely too time consuming and difficult to achieve in a cost-effective manner a reality even for businesses and brands with conservative budgets.

We've had the good fortune to put our motion graphic design skills to work for a wide variety of clients and have come to enjoy infusing our work with motion graphic technology that can truly bring our designs to life.

Focused Healthcare Design

Although we work for a variety of clients, we like to think that all of our clients are ultimately healthcare related. How so, you ask? We believe that healthcare encompasses more than just the traditional medical definition to include any field that works to improve the planet, be it physically, financially, socially, naturally or spiritually. This obvious soft-spot for healthcare design work shines through in our portfolio where you'll find examples of our collaborations with healthcare clients of every size and shape including the Ronald McDonald House, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Anthony's Charitable Foundation and Stryker.

Although we can put our skills and expertise to good use for any client, a focused approach to healthcare graphic design makes us particularly well-suited to healthcare related clients and projects.