Leading Graphic Design Companies

Leading graphic design companies often have several things in common. Clear and focused client communication is a key component but just as important, top-notch graphic design companies understand that successful web design is more than just pretty pictures and slick animations. Effectively delivering a message and driving the desired response is every bit as important. What separates the good graphic design companies from the great companies is the ability to turn out work that does both.

At Fister, Inc., we're proud of our reputation as one of the leading graphic design companies in the St. Louis area. Clients near and far know that when you work with our team of marketing and design experts, you can expect professionalism, attentiveness, stunning creative and impressive results, every time.

Logo Graphic Design & More!

Where some of our most successful projects often begin is logo graphic design. The way we see it, a logo sets the stage for every other component of the creative whether it's a website, video animation or marketing collateral. Even the basic components of a logo like color and font (where applicable) end up as representative elements of a brand. Given that, when we have the opportunity to be involved in the original logo graphic design process, we revel in the chance to help you make the kind of important decisions about your brand identity that set the stage for the future of your business or product.